What is TerraClean?

TerraClean is the only service that has two stages of cleaning:

The first stage cleans the injection system and inlet valves (manifold injection only) which restores functionality to injectors and fuel pressure regulator, resulting in improved fuel pressure, timing and atomisation. On manifold injected engines, it cleans inlet valves and ports of sticky deposits allowing improved flow of fuel vapour into the engine. This all results in cleaner fuel burn, reducing the presence of hydrocarbons caused by unburnt fuel in the exhaust gasses.

The second stage of the process is where the science begins by using aliphatic only fuel.  This fuel, while passing through the TerraClean machine, goes through a process called columbic fractionation, and it is given a passive negative electrical charge.  This breaks down the molecular structure of the fuel even further turning it from a liquid to a vapour, and as the carbon in the combustion chambers, exhaust, cat and lambda sensors has a natural positive electrical charge, the fuel and subsequent exhaust gasses are attracted to it, this then turns the carbon into carbon dioxide which exits through the exhaust tail pipe.  The end result is cleaner combustion chambers, exhaust, cats and lambda sensors.  This allows the ECU to react faster to fuel mixture changes and adjust fuel and ignition timing to suit. This leaves you with an engine that is more efficient with better throttle response, runs smoother, quieter and has improved emissions and mpg.

Whilst the technology is different when we clean diesel engines, the principles of the process are the same. We link your engine to our patented TerraClean machine, created specifically for decarbonising diesel engines.  The process involves running your engine on our unique fuel, to clean both pre- and importantly post-combustion providing all the same benefits. Very importantly with diesel engines, the TerraClean system will clean through both Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems and Diesel Particle Filters, where fitted and providing there is adequate air flow.  Where there is severely restricted flow there are services available within the TerraClean family of solutions to address those problems.