Stand Alone ECU Tuning

We not only tune factory ECUs from the likes of Bosch, Delphi and Siemens but we have extensive experience in setting up and mapping many other types of aftermarket ECUs from Hondata, Motorsport Electronics, Haltech, Megasquirt and many others.

We have tuned countless MX5 Turbos on our in-house dyno and we take pride in making sure that the vehicle not only “makes the numbers” but starts from hot and cold and behaves smoothly on the road and idles perfectly when in traffic and around town.



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We have invested heavily in the very latest tooling which allows us to access all of the data stored within the ECU. We can access the data via the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port located within the vehicle interior or we can remove the ECU and ‘Boot’ the processor directly allowing us to access all of the data held within it. We then modify the data and write it back on to the ECU, This is commonly called ‘Remapping’.

Benefits of ECU Remapping

With ECU remapping, Improvements can be seen in engine horsepower and torque, sharpens throttle response and widens the cars power band; this makes the car more lively and more enjoyable to drive.

Why don’t manufacturers just tune them like this in the first place?

Aaaaaaah, the age old question! Quite simply the answer is one of production and development economics. Almost all manufacturers will develop and build an engine platform that can be fitted to multiple vehicles within their range and often for other manufacturers.

This engine platform will typically be sold in a vast variety of power outputs to suit the usage and vehicle type/model, the only differences are usually what the ECU tells the engine to do, This is how we unlock the hidden horsepower that the manufacturer didn’t give you, perfectly reliably and often with better fuel economy.